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Celebrating the role of philanthropy at NMITE

It may be a surprise to many to learn that Higher Education Institutions, including NMITE, rely on philanthropic support in addition to government funding to make a truly transformational impact and bring value to their region.

At NMITE we have an ambitious vision to become a leading provider of higher education, right here in Hereford, and philanthropic support is a key ingredient to our success. The funding we receive from private sources, through individuals, businesses, legacies and charitable trusts, supports important activities that can’t be financed through core funding – activities that increase our competitiveness and enhance the experience we provide to our learners.

In fact, NMITE only exists because of the backing and support we received from more than 100 Founders who contributed over £1million of start-up capital as well as priceless time and expertise to get the project off the ground. We also would not be here without the generosity of local businesses, charitable trusts and individuals who have helped us secure £25m in philanthropic gifts since 2018.

At NMITE, we welcome and encourage philanthropy in all its forms, from all people. It is important to emphasise that the term “philanthropy” does not exclusively refer to significant financial donations given by the wealthy elite. In truth, philanthropy can be defined simply as “voluntary action for the common good”, and can include volunteering and campaigning as well as financial donations of any size.

We believe that philanthropy is a powerful way to improve our region and our world, and it is more impactful when we work together. The contributions we make to our chosen cause may seem insignificant on their own, but when combined with the gifts of others they go a long way.

To give an indication of the impact that can be achieved through collective giving, NMITE is now able to make a major contribution to meeting the cost of studying at NMITE and living in Hereford for our first intrepid learners joining us in September 2021, thanks to funding that has been collectively raised by our visionary supporters. This enables us to attract a more diverse cohort of aspiring engineers to our first cohort, and opens up a life-changing opportunity to individuals who may not have been in a position to consider Higher Education otherwise.

We want to empower people to become part of NMITE’s mission to transform engineering education, so we have launched a new regular giving programme, Ignition. Ignition gives individuals who are passionate about educating a new generation of engineers the opportunity to support NMITE’s work through a monthly or annual donation.  Every gift made through Ignition will help NMITE to fund initiatives which bring added value to both our learners and the region – such as assistance for learners facing hardships, high-specification teaching and learning spaces, public educational skills programmes and STEM engagement activities for local schoolchildren.

Significantly, half of NMITE’s staff now make monthly donations through Ignition, with the funds raised being used to partially support one learner for their three years at NMITE.

These gifts are much more than cash in the bank. They are a demonstration of our pride in NMITE and in Herefordshire, and our conviction that NMITE learners are worth investing in.  After all, we’re expecting these pioneers to find solutions to the challenges of our rapidly changing world – so we need to equip them with the most current real-world equipment, the best financial support and the broadest enrichment opportunities that together we can offer them.

Will you join us?

To learn how you can make a gift to NMITE, visit or email