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christmas banned

Christmas Banned!

The Black & White House Museum in central Hereford have teamed up with Discover History to bring you the story of the ‘Christmas Ban’ to life at the Old House, Hereford.
Hereford is gripped by a cold winter and to make matters worse, the Puritans have banned the Christmas Festivities this year. This is on top of the fact that the English Civil Wars are raging across the land!
People are expected to go to work on Christmas Day, Pagan greenery has been outlawed and the great feast is no more! The Puritans feel Christmas is just a drunken, made up festival of overindulgence, with its roots hidden in the Pagan past!
Be on your guard as the City guard has spotted a house decorated for Christmas. What is the punishment for celebrating Christmas? Will you support this ban? Did Oliver Cromwell ban it? What can the future hold for this once happy time of the year?
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The Black and White House Museum High Town, Hereford HR1 2AA

Organiser: Black and White House Museum

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