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Hereford Coracle Regatta

Hereford Coracle Regatta

This year’s Hereford River Carnival is set to be bigger and better than last year and will include a new element of fun with the Hereford Coracle Regatta.

So What’s a Coracle?

If you’re not sure what a coracle is, it’s a small round boat made of wickerwork covered with a watertight material, propelled with a paddle.

Hereford Coracle Regatta

On the day of the Hereford River Carnival there will be a special Hereford Coracle Regatta where participants will race their coracles and take part in some crazy games.

So if you have your own coracle the organisers are happy for you to bring them along and join the regatta for a gentle drift down the River Wye.

Want to Volunteer?

Furthermore if you would like the idea of the Hereford Coracle Regatta and fancy helping the team deliver this part of the festival then please get in touch with Pete Redding at

In addition there will also be an opportunity to get involved in the build of some coracles before the event, for more details take a look at

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Hereford River Carnival

in summary Hereford River Carnival is a two day celebration of the River Wye that takes place in, on, beside the river & around the city of Hereford on early May bank holiday weekend each year. It is run by volunteers and regularly attracts around 10,000 visitors


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