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Meadow Whispers: A Tangled Tales Adventure into Floral Folklore, Legends, and Artistry

Step into the enchanting world of “Meadow Whispers” with Tangled Tales at Birches Farm Nature Reserve. Immerse yourself in floral folklore, legends, and artistic wonders inspired by meadows. Join Cath, Mel, and Zoe for captivating stories, creative exploration, and a delightful journey through the magical tapestry of meadow-inspired tales.

A mesmerising expedition with Tangled Tales in “Meadow Whispers,” a captivating event at Birches Farm nature reserve. Delight in the magic of these natural havens, as stories of meadow creatures and legendary blooms come to life. 

Engage in an exploration of the medicinal marvels hidden within meadow plants, presented through a fun quiz that unveils ancient remedies. Immerse yourself in the artistry of meadows with Zoe’s print-making workshop, allowing you to create your own botanical creation inspired by the beauty of meadow landscapes.

This event offers a unique blend of storytelling, interactive quizzes, and hands-on artistic fun, promising a delightful journey into the heart of meadow-inspired tales. Cath, Mel, and Zoe invite you to discover the wonders of meadows and their folklore, creating lasting memories and a tangible piece of art to take home. “Meadow Whispers” is a celebration of nature’s beauty and the enchanting stories woven into the fabric of our meadows.

Free for Under 5’s

20Jul 24This event has passed

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Event Location

Birches Farm, Birches Farm Nature Reserve, near Kington, HR5 3EY

Organiser: Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

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