Who can imagine a Herefordshire landscape without a tower or spire in our villages and towns?

Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust is a charity for all those who love church buildings. Once the strongly beating hearts of Herefordshire’s rural communities.

But many of the churches are elderly and in need of support, as we all do as we get older! Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust (HHCT) exists to help churches and communities help themselves; give grants and loans, raise awareness of the wonderful heritage these buildings represent and aim to attract newcomers into some of the most beautiful and historic buildings in the county. 

Of the 240 churches in Herefordshire around 150 of our church buildings are listed as Grade I or Grade II*, making them hugely valuable architecturally as well as societally. Part of a continuum that has lasted for generations, in some cases for the best part of a thousand years, they are part of a shared history for Herefordshire communities and without them, our lives would be so much the poorer.

Whether your interests lie with stained glass, tombs or just hedgehogs and dragons, there is something for everyone. Did you know St. Dubricius is shown with a hedgehog in a window in Hentland Church? Or that St. George is said to have slain the dragon which lived in the field (it’s still there – the field not the dragon) next door to St. George’s Brinsop? Or that Dick Whittington apparently came from Sollers Hope?

Churches hold all sorts of events from flower festivals to beer festivals – why not visit one soon.

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