Hereford’s Best Kept Secret

Small but beautiful, is an appropriate description for the delightful 17th century premises from where Andrew Lamputt, together with his wife, Linda, and their highly skilled team, provide a specialised service that attracts customers from near and far.

Situated in 28 St Owen Street, Hereford, the charming discreet shop frontage is almost obscured from view, nestled between two larger, modern buildings. Only the swing sign, carrying Andrew Lamputt Silversmith & Jeweller is clearly visible, hence the term, Hereford’s Best Kept Secret’. Visitors and tourists alike delight in finding this jewel in the crown in Hereford city.

A family-run silversmith and jewellery business of considerable repute, now in its 35th year, Andrew learnt the trade firstly from his predecessor, whom he joined in 1972, and secondly through his own desire to absorb and acquire knowledge and qualifications.