Dewsall Court set in an idyllic part of the Herefordshire countryside

Dewsall is within easy reach to Hereford City Centre and a short distance from the market towns of Ross on Wye, Abergavenny, Hay on Wye and Leominster.

The house was built in 1644 by Richard Pearle, it was the birth place of the 1st Duke of Chandos (1673 – 1744), who was stupendously rich and a great patron of the arts. Purchased by the Robinson family in 1989, they have spent a decade restoring it.  In 2009 the family decided to move out and make the house into the ‘exclusive use’ venue it is today.

Hidden away (but easily accessible) and surrounded by Duchy of Cornwall Land, you can make this your very own country house home from home.

A unique country retreat for exclusive weddings, corporate events, supper clubs, and week or weekend stays for family and friends. You will find it just as intimate for a family of four as it would be for much larger gatherings. Shrowded in Herefordshire countryside Dewsall can offer a range of activities or workshops for team-building, rewards or incentives.

The property can be fully staffed if requested or private as desired, the owners are always aiming to meet your needs and wishes. Dewsall is the perfect celebration house and the family and staff will help you create a memorable event. Event planners will work with you to organise everything you need. There is an array of excellent staff who will provide the most fantastic food and drink so you can celebrate in style. Or you can choose your caterers if preferred and have access to our secret black book of handpicked local suppliers.

Weddings at Dewsall Court

‘Dewsall is the ultimate celebration house!’  

From the moment you first contact us to the moment you depart for your honeymoon, we will create a magical, unique occasion for you and your wedding guests. Whether you choose a sophisticated or an informal wedding style, we bring you our high standards of food, service and organisation to ensure everything turns out just the way you dreamed it would.

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