Jake’s Cured Meats offer natural adventure sports snacks that are as full of nutrition as they are full of flavour.

Jake’s Cured Meats offers an inspiring example of rural entrepreneurialism, you really couldn’t have more of a family affair than this remarkable combination of young talent and passion, and all in the fantastic location of the deep Herefordshire hillsides that border the Black Mountains.

Owner and Chef Jake Townley who gained a specialised chefs scholarship at the Academy of Culinary Arts is widely travelled and his travels have taken him as far and wide as New Zealand, where he met his wife Amie. Both have a love of the outdoors and Jake had a vision to combine his craving for climbing and skiing mountains, cycling, camping, fishing and hiking with developing delicious and nutritious meaty sustenance to carry on just such adventures. This got Jake thinking that meat like this was the perfect ration-pack sized snack to make, but make it better.

So, off he went again, to Tuscany, to study the Norcinis; the region’s pork butchers, and the art of making high quality, flavoursome cured meats. Now to bring this knowledge back to his home ground, along with Amie, and develop his own brand ‘Summit Salami’.

With a mission to only use animals that have been raised in an extensive system on their own Herefordshire Farm, they breed pigs and graze their own Belted Galloway cattle and Herdwick sheep. The cattle and sheep are all grass fed and sustainability is engrained throughout everything they do.

These salami sticks snacks provide real sustenance to the modern day adventurer, full of protein and available to purchase in Pork or Chorizo flavours.

Not only are they lightweight, full of nutrients and non-perishable but they also taste incredibly delicious.

Available directly online, plus to local shops in their own countryside area.

They also do a periodic pop-up restaurant for another exciting venture Stoked Feasts. Visit the Stoked Feats website.