NMITE (pronounced en-mite) is aiming to be an engineering higher education institution of and for the future. Located in Hereford, it is an initiative backed by government, educators, Olin College and Industry, to transform higher education within the UK. This is Engineering, but not as you may know it.

Engineers are key to mastering major world challenges, and the NMITE project is crucial to Britain’s competitive future. From sustainable food production to cybersecurity, engineers are vital in creating a better future for all, but the UK is critically short of them. We do not have enough engineers; we don’t have enough women engineers; and employers tell us that too many engineering graduates lack the right industry skills for the future. NMITE aims to change this, by making engineering come alive as the creative, problem-solving and inspiringly worthwhile discipline that it is.

NMITE is working towards a new way of educating, and their approach looks to range across disciplines and integrate deeply with creativity and design. Future students will ‘learn by doing’ via a curriculum that is being co-created with industry and the community to meet the engineering demands of the 21st century. With NMITE’s commitment to life-long learning, a variety of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) workshops are already available through NMITE, from Business Start-up through to larger scale Lean Manufacturing.

NMITE’s vision? Creating life changing opportunities through challenging conventional education. It’s that simple.

Find out more about this exciting new project to change the face of engineering, visit nmite.ac.uk