Old Granary Pierogi was developed from a passion for cooking and eating good wholesome food. Established in 2014, this Polish family chose to settle in wonderful rural Herefordshire, embracing British cuisine and infusing it with Polish culinary knowledge and heritage.

The signature dish is pierogi – traditional, hearty Polish food which resembles Italian ravioli when boiled or the traditional Cornish pasty when baked.

The baked pierogi are hand crafted in yeast dough cases, hand rolled and stuffed with a variety of meaty and vegetarian award winning fillings.

The boiled pierogi are hand made parcels from a simple pasta dough, filled with traditional fillings containing sauerkraut, wild mushrooms, potato, curd cheese and duck.

Alongside both types of pierogi, choose from a range of other dishes from Polish cuisine, such as kopytka (Polish gnocchi) with wild mushroom sauce, Herefordshire beef goulash, the signature bigos (hunter’s stew) and more. Various family recipes for these unique dishes are made using locally sourced ingredients.

Gluten-free and vegetarian options are available too.

Old Granary Pierogi is available locally and further afield at many renowned festivals, and shows, private events as well as from the online shop. See website for more details oldgranarypierogi.co.uk/catering-events

In 2018 the aim of the company is to start supplying local independent shops, farm shops and delicatessens with a range of homemade ready-meals. Watch this space!

Old Granary Pierogi are members of Ludlow Slow Food group, Made in HEREfordshire and NCASS (National Caterers Association). In 2017 they were shortlisted to the Finals of British Street Food Awards and received a stand visit from the Duchess of Cornwall at the 2017 Hay Festival.