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Pulp Cider
Celtic Marches Beverages Limited, Wyer Croft, Bishops Frome, Herefordshire WR6 5BS
01885 489812 ext. 1

    Pulp Cider

    Cider Producer

    PULP LogoPulp Cider is part of the Celtic Marches Beverages based near Bromyard in Herefordshire.

    Apples! They grow ‘em, they pick ‘em, they press ‘em! Only using cider apples grown on their farm in their delicious drops!

    Built on a desire to craft no-nonsense cider, PULP Cider smashes their apples the right way. Caring for their orchards for over a century, they take their families traditional skills and use them alongside modern techniques, coupled with a team of expert cider makers, they are pretty proud of what they craft.

    They might not take themselves too seriously but PULP Cider are very serious about their craft!

    The fresh-faced modern cider range already has an international customer base, their bright branding and bold attitude is a refreshing sight.

    Made from Herefordshire Cider apples grown on the Wyer Croft estate, these delicious drops are a true premium craft cider offering. Established in 2014 for the festival market, the brand returned to its roots, knuckled down and released a range of bottles, cans and kegs during 2020.

    Adapting to the market demands, PULP focuses on a non-nonsense approach, giving the people what they want; simple branding, some light humour and some insanely delicious fruit ciders crafted from their homegrown fresh pressed cider apple base.

    Consider a purchase of PULP Cider as your good deed of the day. Each drop sold helps to preserve their traditional craft, their farmscape and British farming for generations to come. The full range is gluten free and vegan friendly too!

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