Story Space was founded in Herefordshire in 2005 by Carol Florence Graham who is a poet-storyteller, writer, and workshop facilitator. Carol has worked with people from all walks of life in educational and community settings and also with businesses and charities. She has a deep understanding of story and storytelling and about creativity and self-expression. Carol continues to explore the ways that a storied approach can enrich our personal and working lives.

Carol has a BA (Hons) in English and American Literature and has qualifications that have deepened her understanding of storytelling, creativity and holistic learning. She teaches Tai Chi Movements for Well-Being and writes, performs and produces her own work. Carol enjoys encouraging and supporting others to develop and use their own voices – both on and off the page. She has worked in many schools across England and Wales, and in 2012 set up Story Play CIC to deliver creative arts programmes in primary schools. One of her stories ‘The Woodcutter’s Tale’ is being published in September 2019 by children’s book publisher Ragged Bears Ltd. This tells of a gentle woodcutter who lives in harmony with nature and who receives precious gifts from a tree faery.

Carol has run workshops in Hereford for many years and has seen how certain locations in the city and surrounding countryside inspire people to relax and reconnect with their inner world and with nature. Story Space Writing Workshops are a creative way to consider the things that interest and engage us as well as providing the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the River Wye and Hereford Cathedral and its treasures.

Stories are about connection – connection to each other, to ourselves and to the world around us.”

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