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New SpeedQuizzing in Hereford

The Courtyard will be hosting its first SpeedQuizzing event on Tuesday 15 October to raise funds for the organisation and encourage the trivia buffs to take on a pub quiz challenge with a twist.

SpeedQuizzing is a new, entirely digital alternative to the traditional pub quiz and has changed the way people approach trivia events. Paper and pens are replaced by tablets/smartphones. Gone are the days of swapping papers to mark answers, as scores are updated real-time by the software and this adds a new level of energy and social interaction between players.

“I’m really excited to bring SpeedQuizzing to The Courtyard!” Says Corporate Fundraising Manager and SpeedQuiz host Olle Grove, “It’s a great chance to have some good fun at the same time as raising important funds for The Courtyard’s ongoing community work. We’re inviting local businesses to join in and pit themselves against each other, as well as the best of Herefordshire’s quizzing scene. SpeedQuizzing is fun, fresh and fast paced. Plus this is the only quiz of its kind in the county!”

The Courtyard’s SpeedQuizzing event kicks off on Tuesday 15 October at 8pm (registration from 7.30pm) and costs just £2 per player. Teams must have at least one smartphone or tablet which they can hook up to The Courtyard’s SpeedQuizzing WiFi. There is a maximum of 5 players per team with a maximum capacity of 16 teams.

For more information about The Courtyard’s SpeedQuizzing event contact Olle Grove on 01432 346518 or email