Far from being post-Covid, we know we’re still in the thick of things, but we all need to keep promoting and supporting our local businesses, and here’s a free and easy way how.

The Aims
We have created a social media avenue to promote businesses and what they’re doing, with a simple message that can attract not just the limited visitors but local customers too.

Businesses can promote themselves AND each other through this campaign. The Public can join in using the same principles. Here’s how …

How to get involved

Designed for social media across the 3 platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we’ve created a series of #Hashtags for different tourism, leisure and lifestyle sectors, along with a vibrant postcard-style graphic.

Create your social media posts about your favourite Herefordshire places to eat, sleep and enjoy like this …

  • Either use the ready-made graphic or your own personal image (just click on a relevant image above to download it)
  • Include the relevant #Hashtags from the set shown for the business sector along with #Herefordshire and #eatsleepliveherefordshire in your post body text.
  • Choose from sector tags #EatHERE #SleepHERE #DrinkHERE #ShopHERE #PlayHERE #StaycationHERE #DaycationHERE #ReDiscoverHERE
  • If you know it, include the social media handle of the business you’re mentioning
  • Share and Like posts with all those tags together
  • We will do the same
Including both the sector #Hashtag #Herefordshire and #eatsleepliveherefordshire is the most important thing whether you use a picture too or not.
This campaign is open to ALL businesses, not just ESL Members, and Members of the public and is designed to create a viral cycle of posting and sharing posts that mention Herefordshire tourism, leisure and hospitality businesses, raising their awareness and encouraging custom through referral.

This campaign will run until 31 May 2021