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The Ghosts of Hereford Town

Hereford is a wonderful old city, full of history and many old buildings. So it’s no wonder that there have been many tales of hauntings and strange occurrences over the years. Today we’re going to share a few of these stories with you. Hereford City will never look the same to you again. Here’s to the ghosts of Hereford Town.

One of our favourite city landmarks is the Old House in High Town which sits proudly in the heart of Hereford City.

Built back in 1621 as part of Butchers Row this 17th Century timber-framed Jacobean building has been home to butchers, ironmongers and bankers. It celebrates its 400th year very soon.

An uneasy atmosphere

Now a museum The Black and White House has been restored beautifully in 17th century style. It still holds echoes of the past. In the upper storeys of the house and in one of the bedrooms many visitors and staff have reported feeling uneasy. It’s as though an entity is still present there. Staff have reported the curtains on the four poster bed have been found rearranged. The bed in an adjoining room all dishevelled as if someone has spent the night there. Which of course is not the case.

A social bunch

As you might expect the city’s pubs seem to be popular places for ghosts to reside. The Horse & Groom in Eign Street is said to have a very cheeky ghost who has a penchant for patting women’s bottoms. The Oxford Arms in Widemarsh Street is supposedly haunted by a girl who died in a fire there when it was a bakery. And if that wasn’t enough a phantom monk has been seen walking past the window of the pub in the direction of Blackfriars Monastery.

If you like a bit more action the ghost in the Lichfield Vaults in Church Street has great fun moving the beer barrels about in the cellar and throwing beer mats in the bar. Much to the landlord’s annoyance. The Black Lion in Bridge Street is said to be the most haunted building in Hereford. Its ‘painted room’ is notorious for the noises heard within it and very popular with ghost hunters. Voices, footsteps and apparitions have had visitors rooted to the spot in fear. The Queen’s Arms although built during the Georgian period has a ghost which is thought to be Saxon. He is believed to have died when Hereford came under siege in the 11th century.

A lost passenger

Did you know that an old lady is said to haunt the Sainsbury’s store which was built on the site of an old railway station. She is thought to be a passenger who lost her life at this spot when travelling many years ago. She has been seen on many occasions but when approached disappears.

A caring soul

A grey lady is said to haunt the former general hospital which was located by the river but has now been converted into flats. The story goes that the grey lady was a nurse who had had an affair with a married doctor. After some time she realised that he had no intention on leaving his wife for her so she took her own life. Patients in the hospital reported seeing her as she offered them help during the night shift. Many patients spoke of her good deeds but their description of her did not match any of the nurses on the ward.

There are many more haunted places that we could tell you about and we’ll come back to a few more at a later time. But as you wander the streets of Hereford city remember the echoes of those who went before. Don’t be surprised if they want to brush shoulders with you every now and then just to let you know they’re still here.

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