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The House that Strolled into High Town

Have you ever strolled down High Town and noticed a very cute 17th century Black and White Building nearby to New Look that looks untouched and possibly out of place with all the other newer buildings? Some may recognise it as the old Apothecary and others as the the house that strolled into High Town.

An Amazing Feat of Engineering

This superb historic little house had been part of Marchants Grocers and in 1965 was moved on rollers into High Town to allow a new Littlewoods store to be built and was then returned to the existing row of shops.

It was quite a spectacle at the time and drew large crowds who were keen to see this incredible feat of engineering in action. Some had thought that it wasn’t possible and that the little house would not be able to stay up, but it was all so well planned by civil engineer John Pryke, all went perfectly.

Don’t Disturb the Ghosts!

This move didn’t seem to upset the ghost reputed to haunt the building either. The ghost believed to be that of an apothecary who accidentally killed one of his apprentices by mixing him the wrong medicine who then killed himself out of remorse in the attic of the building, did not make a guest appearance.

So when you head up High Town have a look for this marvel of a little house which took a stroll down High Town in the 1960’s, it must have been quite a site to see!

The House that Strolled into High Town – there’s a fantastic Pathe clip of the event here

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