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The Legend of Black Vaughan

Who would think that this lovely black and white building holds a very dark past? Hergest Court has held a sinister reputation for a long time, one which locals in the neighbouring town of Kington know well. The Legend of Black Vaughan is one which sends chills down your spine and keeps you looking over your shoulder.

There once was an evil squire Sir Thomas Vaughan who once resided at Hergest Court and was known as ‘Black Vaughan’. Apparently he lost his head in the Wars of the Roses. As his head toppled from his shoulders and hit the ground a blood curdling howling could be heard as his black bloodhound scooped up the head and set off back to Hergest Court.

Sir Thomas’s headless body was buried but his ghost remained at large. It took the form of a black bull that was accompanied by the bloodhound. His ghost preceded to terrify the area, so much so that frightened villagers refused to leave their homes. An exorcism was held and the spirit of the wicked Lord was laid to rest. However his bloodhound remained at large and invoked terror into the hearts of any that crossed its path.

Some say that this folklore inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to write The Hound of the Baskervilles.

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Featured image: Jen Jones