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The Rhydspence Inn Murders

We have so many old and wonderful buildings in Herefordshire steeped in history, many with tales of hauntings. Some of these stories are connected to old public houses where communities would come together, share gossip and tales would be told, much like today in many ways.

One such story of supernatural intervention involves the wonderfully characterful 14th century Rhydspence Inn located to the west of Hereford on the road to Hay on Wye. Centuries ago ferrymen used to bring travellers and locals across the River Wye and were well known colourful characters.

One night however the ferryman who had been working the crossing from Hay on Wye was set upon and stabbed to death and the pennies that he kept from his fares were also taken. That evening the thieves who had enacted such a brutal crime headed to the Rhydspence Inn for the night. Careful to cover up their misdeeds they hid the jar of pennies in their room away from prying eyes.

However just as they settled in for the night it is told that the jar began to violently rattle and shake disturbing everyone at the inn and drawing attention to itself and the people who possessed it. The robbers were so shook up and fearful of what might happen next, they confessed to the murder of the ferryman and were later hanged in Hay on Wye.

It would appear that these vagabonds definitely got more than they bargained for that night!

These stories are curated from many sources and retold in our fun ESL style, in the true spirit of Folklore.

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