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Wye Valley Brewery Scoop Leading Award

Wye Valley Brewery are delighted to be announced as the winner of the Water Efficiency Category at the Marches Blue Business Awards.

The Herefordshire-based brewery won the award at the annual event, which recognises innovative projects that aim to reduce or eliminate water pollution, improve water quality and cut the use of water within their organisations.

Wye Valley Brewery were awarded for the industry-leading technology used during the brewing process, which dramatically reduces water and oil usage.  The makers of Butty Bach and HPA also received recognition for the cleanliness of their waste water, which ultimately flows back into the local environment.

Vernon Amor, Managing Director, said: ‘We work hard to consistently reduce our impact on the environment, with 47% of all energy used by the brewery coming from renewable sources. The efficient brewhouse has been designed with efficient cleaning operations meaning a below 4:1 water to beer ratio, far below average for a brewing house of our size. It’s fantastic that the work we do to protect the environment has been recognised and we’re honoured to be named winners of the Water Efficiency Category at the Marches Blue Business Awards.’

It’s not just the March Blue Business Awards that has realised the fantastic work Wye Valley Brewery do in reducing their environmental impact. Other brewhouses in the industry have taken notice of the new technologies Wye Valley Brewery are using and introduced it into their own processes, meaning the Herefordshire-based brewhouse is helping drive more efficient and less environmentally-impactful production across the entire brewing industry.  

This technology includes an upgraded effluent plant which releases treated water to the river Lodon via an aerobic digestion system. In order to reduce overall effluent volumes being discharged, Wye Valley Brewery have diverted rain water from a new warehouse construction to a pond and soakaway, resulting in less treated effluent being discharged to the river.