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A bit about Cider

 Let’s raise a glass to good times! And what better glass
 to raise than 1985, a deliciously refreshing (and multiple
 award  winning)  premium  lager.  Pale  straw  in  colour,
 it’s brewed using the best of British hops together with
 European lager hops for a cool, crisp taste.
         Welcome to this exciting guide to tipple and tour your way around Herefordshire’s
         new generation of drinks producers, and not forgetting the established artisan
         cidermakers that the county is famous for.

         While fruit trees grew well before the   Another cider giant, Westons, has its family
         Romans, it was they who first recorded   home and plant near Ledbury producing
         drinks made from fermented apples and   amongst others, their famous Stowfords
         pears. Herefordshire’s cider heritage goes   Press. They too do wonderful tours, with
         back centuries, when in the 15C it is even   a restaurant, café and cider shop on site.
         said that babies were bathed in cider as it
         was said to be cleaner than the water!   Those are the big boys, but it’s
                                             Herefordshire’s plethora of artisan cider
         Viscount Scudamore (the Scudamore family   makers that provide the real excitement
         still reside at Kentchurch Court in the   here. Making small batches, working with
         Golden Valley) brought back the Red Streak   the natural variation of the annual fruit
         apple variety from Normandy in the 17C,   crops, developing new blends and flavours
         improving English stocks and cider rapidly   and cultivating their own connoisseur
         became the national drink. Of course it will   community, craft cider is seeing an amazing
         not have been the refined nectar we know   renaissance once again and many would
         today, but it’s said that at one point there   like to see it rival wine at a dinner service.
         were more cider houses than beer houses
         (pubs) in the country.              Photos  Westons Cider wagon | Cider apple orchards
                                             | An old stone mill at the Museum of Cider
         By the 1900s Bulmers was operating the
         largest apple-pressing mill in the world
         and still does (although it is now owned            Scan this QR code
         by Heineken), and we all know their iconic          to discover even
         brands like Strongbow, Woodpecker and               more products and
         Scrumpy Jack. The original site in Hereford         destinations on our
         City is now the country’s only dedicated            huge website.
         Cider Museum and well worth a visit.

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