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Black & White

        Village Trail

        Heritage • quaint • 40 miles •
        enchanting • picturesque

        Experience picturesque landscapes, enchanting villages, historic buildings, and
        endless photo opportunities while travelling the 40-mile circular of the Black and
        White Trail in North Herefordshire.
        Dilwyn                              Sarnesfield

        Anglo Saxon for ‘a hidden place’ and   Sarnesfi eld, a modest ancient village, is
        more than 1000 years old, shy Dilwyn   distinguished by the presence of the fi nal
        is designated a conservation area for its   resting place of John Abel, the esteemed
        historic buildings, where many of the   carpenter to Charles I, responsible for the
        half-timbered houses surround a vibrant   construction of Grange Court in Leominster,
        village green. Look out for the 12C village   as well as numerous other notable structures
        church of St Mary, which has the only   throughout Herefordshire.
        surviving effi gy; a knight from circa 1320.
        Weobley                             Kinnersley
                                            Kinnersley Castle, now a privately owned
        Thriving and with a compelling history   Elizabethan manor, was one of the many
        Weobley (pronounced Webbly) is renowned   Marches castles sited by the Normans
        for its medieval wool trade, excellence in   along the Welsh border. The adjacent
        ale production, and skilled craftsmanship   impressive church, distinguished by its
        in nail and glove making. Follow the village   saddleback tower, is highly favoured by
        Heritage Trail map, or visit the history   visitors and houses a notable collection of
        museum on Back Lane to uncover where   antiquities. The Smalman monument (1635)
        King Charles I sought refuge, following his   is particularly interesting.
        victory over Cromwell’s forces and other
        interesting snippets.

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