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            A worldwide icon

            For centuries, the distinctive red and
            cream Hereford Cattle have been an
            important part of the fabric of the
            Herefordshire countryside.
            Originating in this Welsh border area, and
            made iconic by its striking white face
            the world’s number one beef breed. As  Hereford Beef
            and red coat, the Hereford soon became
            provider of the ‘roast beef of olde England’,   High yielding beasts, the Hereford’s
            the Hereford has stood the test of time for   beef is succulent and flavoursome, due
            over 250 years and since those early days,   to this cattle’s appetite for grass. This
            Herefords have been exported to over 120   provides excellent health benefits, such as

            countries throughout the world, surviving   higher levels of omega-3 content. When
            all conditions from the harsh winters of   shopping and dining in the county, ask if
            northern Canada to the oppressive heat of   your beef is true Hereford Cattle from a
            Australia, South America and South Africa.
                                                local farm (not just any variety of cattle
            There is even a city in Texas, USA, called   simply reared in Herefordshire). It’s not
            Hereford, named in honour of our own City   just the grass they graze which is green,
            of Hereford and admiration of the breed.   your beef can be too.
            It holds the largest number of Hereford   You can find Hereford Beef in Coop, Lidl,

            Cattle herds in the United States.
                                                Waitrose, farm shops or local butchers.
            No wonder the Hereford Bull is such   So, when you are looking to buy your next

            an iconic marque for the UK county   piece of beef, firstly check it’s British, then
            of Herefordshire.                   make sure it’s Hereford.
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