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Cooking with
             Hereford Beef

             Versatile, delectable, and always
             full of flavour, Hereford Beef lends itself
             to a variety of dishes from all around the
             world. Visit our Instagram and Facebook
             world. Visit our Instagram and Facebook
             pages, both @herefordbeefuk, for
             inspirational recipes and top tips to
             provide you with ideas and simple
             techniques to cooking all cuts of
             Hereford Beef.

             The Hereford

             in the city

             Having occupied its UK Hereford city

             centre office since its inception in 1878,
             the Hereford Cattle Society is responsible
             for registering all Hereford cattle in the
             UK. You can look out for the bull model
             above the society’s entrance on the
             corner of Offa Street and East Street.
             While you are in the city, you must get a
             picture with the bronze Hereford bull in
             High Town, which was unveiled for the
             Queen’s jubilee in 2012, and of course,
             try some Hereford Beef at some of the

             county’s finest restaurants.
             If you’re interested in becoming a breeder,
             farming Herefords, attending events or
             just getting much more knowledge of
             this wonderful animal; become a Cattle
             Society Member. Come in to see us or
             sign up to our newsletters. Find more
             information on

             See more recipes, Hereford Beef dining
             destinations and where to shop for it on
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