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Award winning Japanese restaurant comes to The Yard in Hereford.

Exciting news for Herefoodies in the City with a new dining combination concept!

‘The Yard’ on Aubrey St has undergone a fabulous transformation and is now open seven days a week, offering award-winning food and drink throughout the year.

Part of the A Rule of Tum empire, which includes The Bookshop, The Burger Shop and Leaven Pizza in Hereford, and their Worcester venues for The Burger Shop and Maneki Ramen, Directors Edwin and Dorian Kirk felt it was time to expand the Japanese vibe to Hereford.

Joining the esteemed lineup Maneki Ramen, recently crowned “Best Japanese Restaurant 2023”, offers Tokyo-inspired cuisine, served as modern interpretations of Japanese Noodle Bowls & Snacks. Choose from small oriental plates, larger dishes or pick and mix your own sharing mixture of bowls.

Satisfy everyone’s palate with unqiue multi-restaurant ordering – Nestled behind The Bookshop and Burger Shop on Aubrey Street, ‘The Yard’ is the ideal spot to gather with friends and family. Featuring the four fantastic restaurants all in one location, with their seamless QR ordering system at your table, you can mix and match dishes from all four dining venues directly to your table and enjoy drinks from a central bar.

This ingeniously solves the problem of a group of people all having different dining requirements and having a truly personal and individual feast of their preferred cuisine, while still all dining together.

Open for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, create unforgettable memories and indulge in a personalized feast at ‘The Yard’.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Maneki Ramen to Hereford and bring ‘The Yard’ experience year-round,” expresses Edwin Kirk, Director of A Rule of Tum.

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