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Hereford Cattle Society
Hereford Cattle Society, Hereford House, 3 Offa Street, Hereford, HR1 2LL

    Hereford Cattle Society

    Hereford Cattle Society

    For centuries, Hereford cattle have been an important part of the fabric of the Herefordshire countryside.

    Originating in this Welsh border area and made iconic by its striking white face and red coat, the Hereford soon became the world’s number one beef breed. As the provider of the ‘roast beef of olde England’, the Hereford has stood the test of time for over 250 years and since those early days, Herefords have been exported to over 120 countries throughout the world, surviving all conditions from the harsh winters of northern Canada to the oppressive heat of Australia, South America and South Africa.

    While a high yielding beast due to its sheer size, the breed is wonderfully docile and easy to handle, adding to its popularity to breeders.  As well as providing many superior management benefits on-farm, Hereford cattle are internationally recognised for their quality of beef. It is these cattle’s appetite for grass which makes Hereford Beef so tender and flavoursome while providing health benefits, such as higher levels of omega-3 content. The pastures grazed also sequester carbon, locking it into the ground. So, it’s not just the grass they graze which is green, your beef can be too.

    Hereford Beef is highly sought after by chefs across the UK, all looking to include the finest, most flavoursome meat on their menus. Look out for it in selected supermarkets, retailers and restaurants, which can be found on the Hereford Beef website.

    Having occupied its city centre office since its inception in 1878, Hereford Cattle Society is responsible for registering all Hereford cattle in the UK. You can look out for the bull model above the society’s entrance on the corner of Offa Street and East Street. While you are in the city, you must get a picture with the bronze Hereford Bull in High Town, which was unveiled for the Queen’s jubilee in 2012, and of course, try some Hereford Beef at some of the county’s finest restaurants.

    And the next time you are in the county, look into the fields in appreciation for this magnifiscent beast grazing its magestic way to your next delicious supper.



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