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The Cart Shed

    The Cart Shed

    The Cart Shed is a chThe Cart Shed, Herefordshirearity based in North that offers opportunities to try something new and improve well-being; to find friendships, a sense of belonging and a place of calm, in a supportive, caring environment.
    The woodlands base lend themselves to enabling individuals to overcome and accept episodes in their lives they find difficult to live with; such as a result of the loss of a partner or close friend, difficult working conditions, or poor health.

    The Cart Shed work with individuals from all backgrounds, lifting labels and minimizing stigma. There are no walls, badged health professionals or waiting rooms, just the peace of the woodland.

    It is about enjoying being outdoors; making a fire and sitting quietly by it, chatting with other participants, enjoying the sounds of the birds, the wind, the smells of the blue bells in spring, the wet leaves in autumn, cutting hazel and making beautiful things.

    Learning new skills at any age gives each of us a sense of achievement.

    It does not matter if you are a highly successful businessman, or someone who has struggled to cope with the pressures of life, weather you have had a career break or have yet to decide what you would like to do in life, The Cart Shed offer a wide range of activities for all ages and abilities.


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