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The Laskett Gardens
The Laskett, Much Birch, Herefordshire, HR2 8HZ

    The Laskett Gardens


    The Laskett celebrates the arts.

    Uniquely autobiographical, this remarkable garden is a creative memorial by Sir Roy Strong CH and his late wife Julia Trevelyan Oman CBE. It was created in 1974 from a bare four-acre field in the idyllic countryside of Herefordshire. We can see why visitors flock here! Fruit blossom and fruit laden branches dazzle you in The Christmas Orchard. Colours delight in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee Garden where a sundial takes centre stage. Scent sedates the air in the repeat flowering Rose Garden. Nature heals you along Julia’s walk, a wild flower meadow with lavish planting and a pond that’s a haven for wildlife. And, Majestic views of the countryside and garden can be captured from The Howdah Court. The exclusive gift shop holds a treasure trove of memories and practical takeaways. There is much to see and inspire, we could go on and on.

    The Laskett was bequeathed to Perennial at the start of 2021 by Sir Roy Strong, where it is now owned and managed alongside its other two gardens, York Gate in Leeds and Fullers Mill in Suffolk. Perennial, is the only charity in the UK looking after people who work in horticulture and their families at any stage of life. The gardens are an important part of Perennial, not only are they examples of horticultural excellence, but they help to raise funds so they can continue to deliver frontline services to support those in horticulture. They also help to spread the word about how they help to visitors at the gardens and the work done by the charity to help the people who look after gardens throughout the UK.

    Until now, the garden has been limited to private group viewings. However, for the first time anyone can book online to enjoy the garden on 1st, 2nd, 4th and 6th to 11th April 2023 to enjoy their Celebration of Tulips, followed by opening every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of October.

    Contact or call 01372 384045 to book.


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