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Burger Shop Earns Coveted Finalist Spot in National Burger Awards

Hereford and Worcester Burger Shop, the purist haven for burger enthusiasts, proudly announces its achievement as a finalist in the prestigious National Burger Awards. Recognised for its dedication to the art of burger craftsmanship, Burger Shop, owned by the acclaimed team behind Maneki Ramen – recently crowned Asian Restaurant of the Year in the UK – has secured its place among the top contenders in the national culinary landscape.

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The National Burger Awards, held on 20 February 2024 are renowned for spotlighting innovation and excellence in the world of burgers, will see Burger Shop’s culinary experts compete in a thrilling cook-off featuring three distinct rounds. Contestants will showcase their skills by crafting their signature burgers in front of esteemed judges, followed by the creation of a technical burger using a specific selection of ingredients provided on the day. This year, finalists will also face the exciting challenge of the Plant-Based Round, in collaboration with Redefine Meat, pushing the boundaries of burger craftsmanship even further.

Owners and operators Dorian Kirk and Rupert Davison express their enthusiasm for this prestigious recognition. Dorian Kirk states, “Becoming a finalist in the National Burger Awards is a testament to our commitment to redefining the burger experience. We embrace a chef-first approach, eschewing unnecessary ingredients for a curated, elevated culinary journey.” Rupert Davison adds, “Our team is excited to showcase our burger purist philosophy on a national stage, and we look forward to the creative challenges that lie ahead.”

Burger Shop’s journey to the National Burger Awards final underscores its dedication to quality, creativity, and a genuine love for the art of burger-making. As the anticipation builds, the Burger Shop team is ready to prove they have the recipe for a truly exceptional burger experience which is crafted with precision, passion, and a purist’s touch.

Watch this space for updates as the final approaches.

About Burger Shop
Burger Shop, with locations in Worcester and Hereford, is a purist restaurant committed to elevating the humble burger through a chef-first approach. Owned by the team behind the award-winning Maneki Ramen, Burger Shop has earned its place as a finalist in the National Burger Awards, showcasing its dedication to culinary excellence and innovation.

About the National Burger Awards
The National Burger Awards celebrate the best in burger craftsmanship, bringing together culinary experts and enthusiasts from across the country. With a focus on creativity and quality, the awards recognize establishments that redefine the burger experience. The competition features a multi-round cook-off, highlighting the skills and innovation of the finest burger establishments in the UK.