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Proper Afternoon Tea in Herefordshire

It is Afternoon Tea Week and we know just the place for Proper Afternoon Tea in Herefordshire

It is said that the tradition of Afternoon Tea came about in the 1800s, when dinner was served somewhat later in the evening, and therefore the gap between that and luncheon was rather vast.

Anna Russell, Duchess of Bedford, is credited with first making it into a more formal and social occasion and, once Queen Victoria was seen to host Afternoon Tea receptions, it all became much more fanciful.

The uplifting effects and refinement of the beverage of tea, coupled with the delights of dainty sandwiches and sweet treats (not too heavy, we don’t want to spoil dinner) have maintained this tradition as a wonderful occasion that is seeing a lovely and ever more glamorous revival.

One Herefordshire venue that takes particular pleasure in making Afternoon Tea special is Aylestone Court Hotel, right in Hereford City.

Enjoying ample parking, the elegant Georgian property, with its high ceilings and large windows, lends itself beautifully to a refined yet very relaxed experience in the traditional dining room.

Run by husband and wife team Jo and Michael, their attention to detail is admirable. The use of the decorative family heirloom china and Michael’s excellent kitchen skills make for a treat to the eyes as well as the tummy.

With everything home made and cheerfully served by Jo on classic three tiered tea stands, you’ll enjoy a range of savoury canapés, a delicious selection of sandwiches (let them know if you have any dietary requirements or taste preferences) and, Michael’s speciality; bite sized individual cakes and sweet desserts packed with flavour. Our personal favourites were the lemon drizzle squares, the miniature cream scones, the orange blossom fairy cakes, the chocolate mousses…goodness, we clearly loved it ALL!

We were intrigued when two other guests told us that they had had an Afternoon Tea buffet for their wedding at Aylestone Court and another pair were planning their anniversary celebrations around a similar theme. Another popular Afternoon Tea occasion is Baby Showers, with Aylestone Court hosting up to 4 a week!

And that’s the other thing about Aylestone Court’s spacious yet cosy dining room, it’s very sociable.

Glitz your experience up with Prosecco instead of tea or discuss your foodie preference with them for a really bespoke experience of your very favourite things. Jo and Michael are very happy to make your treat work for you no matter if it’s just for two or twenty two.

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Some more great places for Afternoon Tea around Herefordshire are The Chase Hotel, Trumpet Corner Tearooms and Gallery, Castle House Hotel, Wynnes of Dinmore and Holloways.