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qualified as a chef after leaving school and
                                                 went on to work for numerous hotels and
                           BEN DEAN              restaurants, but it was when he was working
                           The Loughpool Bakery   at The Loughpool Restaurant that he was
                           Sellack, Nr Ross-on-Wye  encouraged to pursue his talents and thus
                                                 the Bakery was born.
             Nestled on a winding picturesque
             countryside road, the Loughpool has   Everything in the bakery is made with
             long had a reputation as a high quality   organic ingredients and hand crafted
             quintessential rural pub with a strong   by Ben who takes pride in looking for
             following for its modern British dishes   sustainability, from compostable packaging
             with a French influence.            to local produce for the products. Cruffins,
                                                 croissants, artisan breads and other pastries
             While still continuing this menu style, the   are available to collect and pre-order. See
             pub/restaurant has pared down a little to   the website for Bakery opening hours.
             accommodate a charming new addition
             to its culinary repertoire, to include what   Further projects that the bakery will be
             was an enterprising way of navigating the   looking into is offering bread and pastry
             Pandemic into a delicious permanent new   courses, for anyone and any skill level to go
             foodie retail outlet.               along and learn how the bakery operates,
                                                 and of course make some lovely products to
             Welcome to the newly branded Loughpool   take home.  Keep an eye on the website for
             Kitchen & Bakery. The Loughpool Bakery is   further information.
             owned and run by Ben Dean. His passion
             and love for baking began when he was a
             kitchen porter in his first job at a hotel. He

             well for everyone from mums with prams to   We’ve also completed a cocktail bar, poised
             business chats. We love the airy feel of our   for action, so watch this space.
             new site.
                                                 THE HEREFOODIE asked: If you had one
             Our food, as ever, is about creative    piece of business advice to pass on what
             world-influenced flavours, vibrant, colourful,   would it be? “Only get into hospitality if
             nutritious dishes using local produce.    you are willing to learn all aspects of it and
             I can’t resist an edible flower, we love the   if you are passionate in continually learning
             unconventional. We’re open Tuesdays –   new skills. As a restaurant owner you need
             Saturdays, from breakfast until 4pm, and are   to wear many hats!!”
             busy working on our evening menu. You can
             get a fry up in many places, but our Rye-Fry
             is special, our brunch menu is vast and
             definitely not ‘standard’, and lunch always
             has seasonal specials.

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