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The Woodee
Snodhill Old Tay Road Dorstone Hereford HR3 6AN
01981 550524 or 07553 361864

    The Woodee

    Experience Days

    Collaboration between local craftspeople, natural materials and traditional skills is at the heart of The Woodee.

    Being a daughter of a traditional craftsman and the wife of a heritage roofer, who is himself a son of a dairy farmer, Andrew and Louise have their roots deeply planted in rural Herefordshire. Working in harmony with the land and using natural materials is in their blood.

    The Woodee started in 2013 after Louise and Andrew designed a tool for their wood burner at home. Now everything designed by The Woodee revolves around fire – beautiful things to house it, tame it and use it.

    The Woodee loves collaborating with traditional craftspeople from across Herefordshire to bring these designs to life. Every piece is handmade by up to seven different craftspeople. Together, they bring quality and heritage that you simply don’t get from a single discipline. Everything they make is totally practical, but it has a beauty about it that transforms it into rural art.

    Now, The Woodee is pleased to be able to offer four unique Woodee Experience Days where you can learn how to cook using a fire pit. At the end of one of these courses, you will be able to confidently make your own tasty creations on a fire pit to share with family and friends.

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