Brockhampton Estate Invites visitors to discover more about key figures from the past

At the heart of this 687-hectare (1700-acre) farmed estate lies Lower Brockhampton Estate, a romantic timber-framed manor house dating back to the late 14th century.

The house is surrounded by a moat and is entered via a charming timber-framed gatehouse, built 1530-40. There are miles of walks through the park and woodland, featuring ancient trees, the picturesque Lawn Pool and various sculptures depicting parts of the history of Brockhampton and the local area. This is home to a rich variety of wildlife, along with historic farming breeds such as Hereford cattle and Ryeland sheep.

Steeped in history, Brockhampton has witnessed many changes. Inside the manor house, explore 600 years of history and discover the families which have made this special place home. Each room takes you to a different era of history ; from the wealthy landowners of medieval times to the Georgian gentleman who lived here before building a mansion house at the top of the hill. More recently the manor house was home to farming families including Mr and Mrs Dennett the gamekeeper and his wife and Val and Marion Freegard. Discover the changes that have been made over the years for example, the original medieval great hall had an upper floor inserted into it by the family, in order to accommodate their many children.

Brockhampton revealed invites visitors to discover more about key figures from the building’s past; you are invited to rummage in cupboards, read Cololnel lutley’s diary in the study, or relax with a good book in the fireside comfort of the mid century sitting room.

Go outdoors and go wild in the natural play area and don’t forget to take your four legged friend to explore miles of way marked walks

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