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Celtic Marches
Celtic Marches Beverages Limited, Wyer Croft, Bishops Frome, Herefordshire WR6 5BS
01885 489812 ext. 1

    Celtic Marches

    Cider Producer

    CELTIC MARCHES logoWyer Croft is home to Celtic Marches. With 200 acres of cider apple orchards, developed over eight generations, they are one of the UK’s largest self-sustaining craft cider farms producing up to 3 million litres a year. The luscious, lined orchards are filled with eight cider tree varieties. Each chosen for their growth and taste profiles, blended to create their international award-winning ciders.

    One of the major advantages of being a family run cider maker is the control. With full control from ‘Pip to Pint’, they grow, pick and press on site, blending with precision; priding themselves on quality, provenance and traceability as well as sustainability. Awarded PGI status, you can be assured that only Herefordshire apples are used in this craft cider, they know exactly what variety of cider apples are used, how they have been cared for and how to get the best results from them.

    Cider production is an art form. Traditional skills and knowledge are complemented by modern techniques, from the planting, to orchard maintenance, harvest to fermentation. The family commitment to the business, top to bottom, is unquestionable. Their rare position is a result of eight generations dedication to the orchards, hop fields and most recently vines. Production miles are low, with both growth and production based on the family farm, their ‘Pip to Pint’ production cycle is completed in less than 5 miles.

    Celtic Marches offer consistent quality and award-winning taste profiles with a key focus and ability to adapt with changing trends. They stay true to our craft and are dedicated to working with our farmscape, never against it.

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