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Moorcourt Fruit
Moorcourt Fruit, Moorcourt Farm, Lyonshall, Kington, Herefordshire HR53JZ
07794611518 and 07791234124

    Moorcourt Fruit

    Fruit Producer

    Moorcourt Fruit are a family run business producing high quality premium Cherries, Strawberries, Raspberries and Blueberries.

    Grown in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside the fruit is nurtured from blossom to berry to ensure that the tastiest summer fruit is available for sale.  Surrounded by the rolling hills of the north of the county, the farm’s location which provides a later season for harvesting combined with the rich soil of Herefordshire ensures Moorcourt Fruit can produce large premium fruit that is bursting with flavour.

    You can visit the farm and purchase their ready picked delicious seasonal summer fruit alongside other local products, or you can find the fruit sold across the North of the county and beyond in numerous local outlets including village shops and greengrocers.  The fruit season begins in May with Strawberries and runs through the summer months with cherries available from Mid July until late August.

    With over 20 years experience in growing fruit and a passion for traditional flavour and quality, you can be sure of the very best berries Herefordshire has to offer, which are all freshly picked and grown on the farm.

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