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Nick Meers Photography

    Nick Meers Photography


    Having spent many years travelling and shooting for top magazines and photo libraries, Nick Meers has shot pictures for the National Trust, Telegraph, Guardian, many interior and self-build magazines, architectural practices, and over 30 travel books. He still loves to make new images, always trying to find the angle which will tell the story or show the product best.

    Specialising in panoramic, architecture, gardens, location, travel, landscape, and all things to do with interesting light……  low light and long shadows aren’t always available, so knowing how to deal with what’s there is part of the ‘dark art’ which some photographers still practice….  sometimes known as experience – and Nick Meers has loads of it.

    He is also developing various video projects, which are, naturally, not standard commercial productions, but in a style that makes each subject and business present in their own unique personality.

    Holiday Home photography

    As a holiday home owner himself, Nick is well versed with what will make a property appealing to a potential paying guest. People buy/book from pictures and, with so much competition on so many booking portals, it is important to present your holiday property professionally and beautifully so that it stands out amongst its competitors.

    Whether you have a B&B, Hotel, Holiday Cottage or Camping/Glamping site, Nick will ensure that it is shown in its very best light.

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